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A C# console application for VoIP Phonebook integration with Entersoft ERP

Αυγ 30 2015
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Entersoft ERP is a full featured ERP solution from a Greek company, Entersoft S.A. a leading business software and services provider in South East Europe and the Middle East (more info here).

Entersoft ERP has excellent abilities on extending its features and due to the need for an offline XML based phonebook in one of my clients I created a C# console application that it fetches all contacts from Entersoft ERP and creates the XML Phonebook file. The file is then copied to a remote folder and the VoIP phones are automatically updated in a recursive time schedule via a web server.

The console C# application creates an XML phonebook file from an Entersoft EBS Database in a specific XML format to be used by GrandStream VoIP telephones. If the SQL queries for groups and contacts are modified (currently only in the source) it can be easilly adapted to any other source of data. The application has 3 parameters (all optional), the directory to localy create the xml file, the XML phonebook filename and the directory to copy (remote) the XML file after creation. The setup of the Grandstream phones to use the phonebook XML file is not a subject of this article but I can answer your questions in case you have any issues with the setup.

Entersoft custom Scroller(list) to display phonebook entries
Fig.1 - Entersoft custom Scroller(list) to display phonebook entries.

Entersoft custom Persons UI (additional tab and custom fields) to update phobebook entries
Fig.2 - Entersoft custom Persons UI (additional tab and custom fields) to update phobebook entries.

The project is open source for anyone wishes to download and use it for creating the phonebook XML files from either Entersoft ERP (which is working out of the box) or any other tabular source of data. The code provided in the sources is complete but to use it with Entersoft ERP you will need to do some configuration updates in the Persons UI (via internal forms designer), update (descriptions and telephone groups data) in some additional fields and create a New scroller (List of contacts with the additional fields).Feel free to contact me about this.

The project can be downloaded here: https://extendebsphonebook.codeplex.com/
Phonebook project extension to Entersoft EBS at Codeplex
Fig.3 - Phonebook project extension to Entersoft EBS at Codeplex.

In the downloads section of the project (visit here) there are two more files that are optional but nice to have them so the solution is complete,

  1. A project that can be used to encrypt/decrypt the app.config file and I found in Codeproject, http://www.codeproject.com/Tips/598863/EncryptionplusDecryptionplusConnectionplusStringpl
    Please download it if you wish to have an encrypted app.config file.  
  2. Last but not least I have created a simple ASP.net webpage that will allow users to download the XML phonebook file from an intranet web server. Actually this web server is needed to provision the XML phonebook file to Grandstream VoIP telephones although the application for online browsing the file is not needed.

Phonebook webapp for intranet access to Phonebook.XML
Fig.4 - Phonebook webapp for intranet access to Phonebook.XML

You can offcource clone the project via Git in VS (2013) in case you wish to stay connected for any future updates or fixes.

More projects and articles for Entersoft ERP integrating with other systems or using its features will follow soon. 


Spyros Samartzis
Συγγραφέας: Spyros Samartzis